Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jobs in Los Angeles, Planes, Flying, Earthquakes

So...it's been awhile since last writing. Things I've learned today:

1) Sometimes the world recognizes when you are panicking, and reacts accordingly. The job market is rather unkind to many these days, and I am not alone. I was thrown a bone today. Thank you, world.

2) "Entgegengehen" is the German infinitive for "to go to meet." Not only does it contain 3-too-many combinations of "ge," almost consecutively, but one also has to remember how to conjugate it. I still don't know if I would ever try to pull this one out in a conversation...

3) Flying makes me sick almost every time. Not during the flight...but for two or three days afterward, I almost always have a cold. Often I tell people that the flight was great, but my body reacts as though a kid with swine flu was sneezing directly into my mouth. Must be all the stress involved...the stress of being searched at the airport, the stress of spending money when you don't have it, the stress of packing (did I remember my......), the stress of saying hello to people you haven't seen in months/years, the stress of admitting you're a musician to those that await your arrival, the stress of sitting in a space barely big enough for a 3rd grader, the stress of flying a few hundred miles an hour, 30,000 feet in the air, on a planet that has a law called "gravity" (who made that one up...what a jerk...)

4) Earthquakes are scary AND exciting. At first you freak out, then you start working through any questions you might have: Is it fun? Inconclusive. Is it hard to walk? Sometimes. Is that someone at the door? Nope. Is someone in my room? Nope. Is this an earthquake? Can't tell...doesn't look like all the movies I've seen. Is it over already? Yep. Am I talking to myself?

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