Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paperlate...Is An Indian Summer Called a "Celtic" or "Tribal" Summer Here?

Starting off today with two coffees and some Genesis on the iTunes shuffle...Paperlate seemed a fitting choice since it's been a week and a half since last writing.  There's good reason for that...

Before I get to that...the new Cage9 video for "Comatose" was released two days ago.  It's my first music video, so check it out and let me know what you think!  Here's the link.

The whole last week was spent doing things in the old apartment.  Spackling, painting, painting again, painting yet again, defrosting the fridge, painting, cleaning windows that had about 5 years worth of gunk on them, and then cleaning everything with lemon scented cleaners that peel 4 layers of skin off your fingers if touched.  Yes, Mom...I actually did ALL of this myself...

In that last picture, you can see that I wasn't lying about taking everything out of apartments...even the light fixtures (which I also spackled and repainted).  Fortunately, the girl that took the old apartment decided to keep the cabinets and such (they can tell you to remove them if they don't want them).  So, the reason for not keeping up with the writing, was that I also had class in the afternoon...AND...we had people coming for at least 2 of the mornings to the new apartment, fixing our door buzzer (below) and generally putting finishing touches on things.  This left me doing the painting in the morning and in dim late-afternoon light only (all lights but the bathroom were taken with us to the new apartment...good planning...haha).

The weather has been awesome lately, though all the trees lost their leaves in one day (this past Saturday), so the colors could no longer be appreciated in the sunlight.  Either way, I've dug out my T-shirts again...didn't have to dig far...that's pretty much all I got.  For almost a week we've had a majority of sunlight...which as I said in an earlier post, Germans will have you believe is as rare as rain in L.A.  It's not true, but at least it makes people appreciate it when it is here. (oh...and the net that you see below on our deck is to prevent pigeons from crapping us out of house and home...pigeons in Munich crap something fierce my friends)

Annette and I also went hiking at Tegernsee, a lake a little over an hour south of Munich, on Saturday.  It was one of the coolest things I've done here in Germany and if you come to Bavaria I recommend shooting on down there.  It's easily accessible, on a train named BOB, and two people can get there roundtrip for under 25 Euro.  I recommend also doing the T3 trail...we got there around 10 a.m., reached the top to eat around 1 p.m., and headed back in time for the 4 p.m. BOB home.  The only bad thing was, neither of us had done it before...and we didn't bring hiking boots (a MUST)...the top proved to be JUST a bit muddy...highlighting the trip, were the great views of the Alps from the top, great food, and the best Weissbier I've ever idea who makes it, but the local brewery is pretty famous so I assume it was from them.  And...some pics/vids...

Despite living in Germany, I keep up with my fair share of American sports...mostly Boston teams, but given the fact that Randy Moss was on a Boston team, I felt the need to keep tabs on his progress.  What dandy progress that has been, eh?  I've seen "diva" players get tired of their teams and coaches, but what he's done is amazing:

1)  Got tired of not being respected in New England and was traded to the Minnesota Vikings, where he started.  Full transcript of "not being appreciated" by the Patriots is here.

2)  Said he was glad to be "home" and excited for the opportunity to play with Brett Favre.

3)  Returned to New England, a couple weeks later, this time as an opponent.  Vikings lose and he proceeds to bash his new team all while praising the Patriots.  Great transcript of what he said this time is here.  Please read this one at's unbelievably funny how much of a 180 he pulls.

4)  Waived from the Vikings less than a week later and is now going to play for the Tennessee Titans.

I have a feeling he may find something wrong with them too...for instance...think of how small a market that is for such a big personality!  Nashville...known for it's music and....umm...hills.  He's going to be bored out of his skull.  Anyways...I know nobody really gives a crap what he does anymore (especially if you have no association with Boston or the Twin Cities), but he's definitely proved that although a great player...he's not a team player.

Random Thought of the Day:  When listening to Alice In Chains' "Again"'re either the person who sings "ooh oh uh" over again and again...or says "yeah" over again and again.  Again, you can't be both.  For the song, click here.  It's about 2:20 in.  So, which are you, and how is this reflected in your life choices?

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